The CB, Chartered Accountants personal and business tax planning service is designed to offer clients complete peace of mind. You can rest assured in the knowledge that our experienced tax team will oversee every aspect of your tax affairs, ensuring that legislative demands are met with time to spare and that as much advance notice as possible is given about any tax payments that need to be made.

‘Best practice’ is at the heart of the CB, Chartered Accountants service. Our tax team take pride in keeping up-to-date with changes in financial and fiscal law to ensure that your tax liability is correctly calculated and kept to a minimum. We make it an unwritten rule to never lose sight of minimising a client’s tax liability, especially as accounts are being prepared.

Fully quoted in advance, our inclusive service not only covers the preparation of the tax return but also the monitoring of any tax payments which may be due. It is important, however, that CB, Chartered Accountants do not just look after compliance issues but also actively look for opportunities to reduce the tax burden. Often this can be achieved quite simply but sometimes this involves further work. If a need for further work is identified, this is fully discussed, including the likely saving and cost of the advice, before it takes place.

For more information about how our Tax Planning service can help your business, contact us on 01905 454 854, or via email.

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